Punjab government closed the laptop scheme. Following the announcement made 2 months ago, the entire budget was terminated for the previous government's plan. According to details, the Punjab government of PTI  has decided to close several schemes of the PMLN government. The Punjab government's stand is that the last government of the PMLN has damaged the national treasury by billions of rupees through many unnecessary projects, so that projects will be closed.

In this regard, Punjab government has announced to end the Laptop Scheme starting at the PMLN government. 20 billion rupees were spent on the laptop scheme but the expected results of the scheme were not recovered.

All records of the laptop scheme have been handed over to NAB. He said that the current government does not keep any funds in the current budget for the laptop scheme. It is clear that former Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif launched a scheme to give laptops on higher education performance to students under government universities and colleges in 2012. Under this project, thousands of students of laptops were distributed in Punjab. However, this plan is now closed.